Being offline means invisible for market.

Being offline means invisible for market.

About us

Deux Hiboux LLC is a B2B serving the leading SEO & Marketing businesses and providing them with tailored end point solutions within the online media marketing chain. Our role is to help our clients navigate through the campaigning process and effectively connect with ultimate suppliers such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Meta (FB) and others.

Flexible legislation, well developed banking system in Georgia and our excellent local network have sealed our reputation for seamless and trusted service delivery. We continue to build on our history and strive to deliver exceptional service for our partners for generating high quality traffic to boost their client revenues.

Our service is a singularly importent link in online marketing supply chain for any company wanting to reach online growth and convert website visitors into customers.


In 2017 our team helped an online marketing company to purchase a product from a final supplier. Participating in this process gave us some experience and showed us the importance of proper communication and synchronized work of the procurement team so that the internet advertising service is provided continuously and projects and final customer do not experience any delays in the process of placing internet ads.

A good knowledge of terms of online advertising, as well as algorithms of systems, allows us to correctly place content from very beginning and insure our clients from a number of uncertainties with online search engines and media giants. Since then, our team has been developing in this direction, gradually growing our portfolio and the number of projects. qualified team, trust and stable flow of service turns us into industry leaders.

Our team

The friendship and family ties of our team members has been united in business under the name of Deux Hiboux


Our service includes placing advertising projects of our clients on platforms such as Google Ads. Microsoft Ads. Facebook and other.

Through our well-organized network, we ensure the secure placement of projects as well as proper communication with the search engine advertising team and the timely resolution of content related issues.

Our fast and flexible payment system ensures maximum transparent spending of the client’s advertising budget. Demand-adjusted placement intensity and reporting.

NOTE: We do not place advertising projects for Georgian users and audiences.

Customers & Partners

Deux Hiboux LLC

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0131, Tbilisi, Georgia
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Phone: +995 577 58 83 33